International foundation Year(IFY)

AFA can provide multilingual people Arabic or Hindi or Punjabi or English speaking personnel to liaise with the Ministry of Education in various countries and their students, respectively.
Enrolment of students in the Irish, British and Scottish institutions for foundations years.

Summer Programme

The Summer Programmes run from late-June to the end of August on the beautiful campuses of most renowned Irish Universities. Students may register for this summer school for a minimum of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 10 weeks, usually starting on any Monday of the course. Classes run as per set schedules.

The Programmes focus on variety of subjects such as:

  •  General English language skills
  •   Irish Writing in English
  •  Visual Culture in Ireland 1400 – 1950
  •  Sociological Perspectives on Irish Society
  •  Screening Ireland: Ireland in Film and Television
  •  Law in Ireland
  •   Creative Writing
  •  Irish Myths and Legends
  •   Technical Communication for Engineers
  •  International Financial Markets & Trading
  •  Corporate Social Responsibility
  •  Business Tools for Social Projects
  •  Urban Laboratory

  • These are fun-filled courses that target towards:
  •  Team-Building activities
  •  Improving socialising skills
  •  Focus on enhanced communication skills
  •  Improved Physical and Motor Skills
  •  Cognitive Thinking
  •   Learning about new Cultures
  •  Familiarising the participants with the various enhanced educational options and the rich surroundings of the visiting country

  • Similar Courses are available for UK universities and Private Institutions as well.

English Language Courses (Students & Professional)

We can help you to choose from one of the programmesbelow, based on your needs and your level of English. These programmes are structured to develop listening skills, speaking, reading and writing.

Some of examples of the courses we can place you in can be found below.

  •   General English Courses
  •   Academic English 1 Year Programme
  •   English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills
  •  Private Tuition
  •  Business English
  •  Internships


There are a number of intensive, full-time exam preparation courses, designed for you to achieve excellent results, such as the following.

  •   Medicine(MRCPI General Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
  •   Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Computer Based (ACCA)
  •  LSI Entrance Exams (FE1 Preparatory), Professional law (Courses FE1)
  •  Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL&TOEIC.

Third Level (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses)

Seize the opportunity to experience university life with some of the BEST Summer School programmes for secondary school students entering 6th Year or (Year 13 A-Level) in April 2016/ Sep’2016.

  •   Attend real lectures and tutorials, given by some of the top academic staff.
  •   Learn about further study and career opportunities after your undergraduate degree.
  •  Find out how Irish/ British/ Scottish graduates succeeded in the real world.
  •   Make use of Universities world-class teaching and learning facilities.

  • The Summer Schools are aimed at:
  •  The students nearing the end of their second-level education, who know what discipline they want to pursue at university but don’t yet know what path to take through their degree course.For example, your heart may be set on Business, but you aren't sure what it is like to study at university level.
  •  The students in their middle and high school; who are keen on exploring new arenas of studies, along with the advantage of across border travel
  •   Travellers/ Bag Packers, who are keen on enhancing their some specific skills

  • Our Summer Schools will help you finalise your decision by giving you hands-on experience with your courses and area of choice.
    The various options that have been on offer at the Summer Schools are:

  •  Summer Schools in Irish Studies
    The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) provide seven options to choose from in 2014 outlined below. Students study one course option on a full-time basis over a three week period, with a choice from the seven courses across the areas of Irish Literature, History, Sociology, Media and Law
  •   Irish Life and Literature (6 ECTS)
  •   Visual Culture in Ireland 1400 – 1950 (6 ECTS)
  •   Sociological Perspectives on Irish Society (6 ECTS)
  •   Screening Ireland: Ireland in Film and Television (6 ECTS)
  •   Law in Ireland (6 ECTS)
  •   Creative Writing (6 ECTS)
  •  Summer School in Engineering
    The Summer School in Technical Communication for Engineers was run by various Engineering departments in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  •   Technical Communication for Engineers (9 ECTS)

  •  Accomodation
    Summer School students stay on campus with its challenging and enjoyable suite of courses chance to combine academic rigour with opportunities to experience contemporary life in Ireland and the UK and view some spectacular scenery!
    We look forward to seeing you on campus.

  •  Tours
  •   Tailor made tours to suit individuals,couples or small groups.
  •   Group tours and bus tours, taking in different regions of Ireland.
  •   Activity tours combining Irish natural beauty spots with hiking, walking sports, horse riding, etc.
  •   Spa and leisure tours taking in Ireland’s top class golf and spa resorts.
  •   Shopping opportunities.
  •   Festival and event visits to take part in famous cultural celebrations such as: St Patrick’s Day; Traditional Irish Music Festivals; Film Festivals; etc.
  •   Business travel and conferences

  •  Sports
  •   Summer & Easter Sports Camps
  •   Soccer Schools
  •   Placements for elite athletes
  •   Inter-schools tournaments
  •   Socials and Friendly Matches

  •  AFA tie-up with USIT
    The international foundation certificate is a 1 year and the summer programme designed Irish specialist in educational and cultural exchange programmes, USIT has served both the Irish and international student community for over fifty years.
    In co-operation with many US universities and other academic institutions, USIT offers a range of international summer schools, specially designed short term and faculty led academic programs, study tours and international work exchanges.
    As the leading Irish student and youth travel organisation, USIT also provides discounted travel arrangements and a range of services for the independent traveller and student including a range of international work and travel, volunteer and teaching programs.

  •  Northern Ireland
    Since no Irish Studies programme is complete without an exploration of similar aspects in Northern Ireland, USIT now is pleased to offer the same services and facilities on both sides of the border. With four offices in Northern Ireland, we have used our close links with local student bodies and faculty to develop courses of seminars and field trips, which include meetings with leading cultural commentators, artists, political leaders and community activists - a truly rewarding experience.

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of third level Program in Ireland (Undergraduate – Postgraduate). The two week summer school will be hosted on campus at internationally renowned Trinity College Dublin but will include program related field trips and a study tour to the west of Ireland.
    The academic focus of the summer school will be to introduce the landscape, history, literature and culture of Ireland to students who may have taken one or two courses in high school or because of their heritage may be keen to explore and learn more about Ireland. The carefully structured seminars will be held both on site at Trinity and offsite to give participants a vibrant local context to their studies.
    The academic program will include seminars on Irish history and politics, fiction and poetry, gaelic language and folklore and Irish drama and film. A complementary cultural programme of activities and events will offer students an opportunity to hear and learn about Irish traditional music, modern Irish rock music and will also include theatre performances, film screenings, bike tour and a visit to the national GAA stadium, Croke Park, for championship games of hurling and gaelic football.
    Students will live in supervised shared apartments on campus with many meals included both on campus and in local restaurants.

Important links

    Please visit this section of our Website for all the Important Links and information catering to some specific courses.