Welcome to AFA Consultancy Limited

AFA aims to accommodate the need for a reliable network whereby students with promising ideas can connect with the right people to realise their potential. If we were to have a slogan it would go along the lines of “reading lines and empowering minds”.


We provide students the opportunity to diversify their knowledge base; to exchange expertise and resources; and to keep pace with global scientific research and progress


To create an environment where students with promising ideas can connect with leaders in a given field, with the ultimate aim of collectively achieving their desired goals

AFA aims to foster links throughout the Middle East and India in order to promote Ireland and the UK, as preferred destinations for study

Established in 2014, AFA is an Irish consultancy business, which specialises in recruiting students from across the Middle East and India to study in high- quality Irish, British and Scottish universities, and other institutions of higher education. AFA has worked with students and educational agencies in United Arab Emirate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia. It has contracts in place, which allow it to enrol students in a number of much respected Irish and British universities.

AFA has recently placed students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait with the major Irish colleges to study in the fields of medicine, economics, Engineering and science. These students are now studying in Ireland at various stages, including Doctoral and Master's and Bachelor's degree level.

We are entering the Indian market to cater the demands of the highly skilled population of India. Our Global expertise will help provide the best Educational support to the Indian students and the education system.

We are a ONE STOP SHOP for all your educational needs and the processes related to it.

Where Can I Study In Ireland

The higher education system in Ireland and the UK consists of:

  •   The University Sector
  •   Institutes Of Technology
  •   Private Independent Colleges